DUAL Lane Patriotic Slip and Slide with Pool    $250   L40ft W10ft H8ft
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Houston Dunk Tank Rental
*The Price may change based on LOCATION (Parks And/Or Businesses), DISTANCE 
*Subject to availability
*Delivery charge may apply to any rental
*1 Day rental up to 6hrs
*Plus Tax 
* 3% credit card fee
*Only 1 Special per order
*Colors and Styles may vary

      Houston Foam Dance Party
Foam fun! Make your party the talk of the town. Foam parties are the latest rage and Spring Party Rentals is ready to bring on the FOAM! 
Foam makes for a great outdoor party that is a blast for everyone. Kids, teens and adults all love playing, dancing and splashing in the foam. If you want to be on the cutting edge of fun and have everyone raving about your latest party, give them FOAM! The foam is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and harmless to grass, plants and clothes. Included 1 OPERATOR, with or without an inflatable pit, machine w/stand and solution $399 up to 2 hrs Extra hours available!
We deliver 7 days a week!
Nothing beats the heat like having a Water slide, Dunk Tank or FOAM Party for your summer time parties.Offering many styles of Water Slides to choose from, each will provide maximum           . ALL of our water slides are front loaders, you see your kids at all times and keeps the inflatable clean! All rates are for up to 6 Hrs! Extra hours available and over night rentals are available at an extra cost.

Dolphin Double Drop Water Slide with Pool $299 
 L27ft W15ft H17ft
DUAL LN Tropical Rush! 22 Ft H DRY Slide                      $499  13' W x 28' L x 22' H
Dry Slides 
The Big Kahuna Water Slide! $350  
L40ft W15ft H19ft
The Big Kahuna DRY Slide
         $300  40' L x 12' W x 19' H
Customer Service: 
Monday - Sunday 9 A.M to 8 P.M
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Disney Fairies waterslide combo $299  20' L x 18' W x 17' H
Disney princess waterslide combo
  $275 16' L x 20' W x 15' H

Disney Mickey Mouse water slide combo
$299   20' L x 18' W x 17' H
Rainbow Funhouse Water slide combo w/pool and basketball hoops! $275 
   30' L x 15' W x 15' H
24 ft High EXTREME Lane DRYSlide!
$599 30L x 28W x 24H
 Double Lane Safari Water Slide w/ 2 pools $399  L32ft W18ft x 19' H
Dual Lane Safari  DRYSlide
        $399  32' L x 18' W x 19' H
*NOTE: Customer responsible for water hose and water access reachable to where the item will be installed and also for proper electricity.
Shark Water Slide with pool
 $299   L30ft W15ft H18ft
Shark DRY Slide 
$299 28' L x 12' W x 18' H
DUAL Lane Tropical Slip and Slide 
 $250  L35ft W10ft H8ft
Blue Splash Water Slide with Pool $250  L27ft W12ft H14ft
Perfect for the little ones too!
Cars Double Lane DRY Slide
$499  27L x 20W x 22H
Disney Toy Story water slide combo16' W x 20' L x 15' H $275
Disney Cars water slide combo
$299 20' L x 18' W x 17' H
Module water slide combo
$250 16' L x 20' W x 15' H
Tropical combo water slide w/pool and basketball hoop  
                   $275 27' L x 16' W x 15' H
60'  DUAL Lane Tropical  Water Slide with Slip n Slide 
 63'L x 16' W x 22' H    $599
Shark Escape DRY Slide
 $200  23' L x 13' W x 15.5' H
 Tiki Island DRY Slide
         $300  40' L x 12' W x 20' H
"We put the WOW in your event!"
DUAL Lane Wave Water Slide w/2 pools! $399
31'L x 21' W x 20' H
Minnie Mouse Water Slide Combo
       $275 16'W x 20'L x 14'H
Tiki Island Water Slide!
40FT. X 14FT. X 20FT. (LxWxH)  $350
1 Ln Wave Slip and Slide with pool
   $175  L 32' W 10' 8' H
DUAL Lane Royal Castle Water Slide Combo w/pool and basketball hoop inside! $299
30' L x 16' W x 15' H
DUAL Lane Fun House Water Slide Combo w/pool and basket ball hoop inside! $299
30'L x 16'W x 14'H
DUAL Lane Pink Fun House Combo Water Slide w/pool and basketball hoop $299 30'L x 16'W x 14'H
Sport Water Slide Combo w/pool and basketball hoop $275 30'L x 15' W x 16' H
Dual Lane Tropical Paradise Dry slide $399 L:30' W:15' H:19' 
60'  DUAL Lane Rainbow Water Slide with Slip and Slide  $599
 L:63' W:20' H:22'  
Rainbow Dual lane slip and slide w/pool $250
L36' x W10' x H8'
Dual Lane Tropical Paradise Water Slide w/pool $399 L:30' W:15' H:19'